18 Juni 2018

Choosing an SUV for your family

Vehicles with the type of sport utility vehicle, otherwise known as the SUV recently more popular only among consumers. Sporty character, more spacious interior, comfortable driving position and has a high ground clereance makes this type of car is suitable to run in all types of terrain. Until now, there are many types of SUVs that buyers can choose from different manufacturers. Starting from a long experience in the SUV class, or also the latest models that come with features and attractive designs. But before you choose a particular model, it's good to read tips on choosing a SUV car first, specially car SUV Jakarta.

Understand Size, Needs and Abilities
In general, SUVs have a compact SUV, mid-size SUV and also full-size SUV. Knowing this, then you can customize the car you choose with your needs and abilities. Let's say the parking space is limited, need a compact to through the congestion and so forth. In addition, for the range of compact SUV prices are usually in the price range below 500 millions. As for full-size SUV can reach billions of rupiah.

Compact size or mid-size on SUVs usually have a four to six-cylinder engine. While on the full-size SUV is already using the V8 engine. The bigger the machine of course the more powerful and powerfull. But that means the higher the fuel consumption and octane needed.

Security Devices
Physically, safety in SUV cars tends to be better than sedans in the same class. However, the SUV has a tendency to overturn when compared with a sedan. Therefore, security devices such as airbags on the SUV need to be considered.

All SUVs are usually designed for ride comfort. But if it will be used every day, then make sure you also choose the SUV is best suited for you ride with your body posture. Not only in terms of driver comfort, but while doing a test-drive also you can try the convenience of maneuvering by using the car.

SUV is now widely used for urban needs. Thus, it is better you choose an SUV car that has some supporting features. Among them are as follows: electronic mirrors that can be folded so that makes it easier when the car is parked in a limited place, parking sensor features with camera or voice warning, Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) system to provide comfort when opening the vehicle door without having to press the button on the remote car, the rear seats are flexible so that it can be set to obtain more spacious storage space, and others according to your needs.

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