19 April 2018

The effect of writing on your business

Many content writers know how to write articles fluently and regularly, but not many know how to write SEO friendly articles. The latest Google algorithm updates, quality website articles are not only good for search engines, but also for readers (human).

Many tips on how to write SEO friendly articles on the internet, but not all of them can be applied and there are some even expired with the latest search engine development, especially Google.

Prioritize User Experience
This point is categorized as the first point because it is considered as the most important element in writing SEO friendly articles. And later on, other points are also much related to the user experience. Why user experience? Because it is very difficult to be manipulated. Unlike backlinks and content, user experience is very difficult to manipulate because it is out of our control as a web owner. So, do not be surprised if this is one important factor that Google uses to minimize ranking manipulation in search engines. The purpose of the user experience here is the activity and user response as they browse our website. Starting from how long they read, the response to the articles they read, how many pages they opened, which parts of the web they clicked on, and more. Logically, the longer they are on a website that means the content of the website is qualified. Although this issue is still a debate but many argue that Google can track almost all of our browsing activities, even without using their properties like Google analytics, Google toolbar or Google chrome.

Use Keyword in Article Title
Must do if you want to be more competitive in SERP. Because the title is the first element that is crawled to determine the topic of an article. Not giving the main keyword in the title is the same as telling Google to guess the topic of your post. Good keyword laying on the title is the beginning of a word. The more to the left (to the beginning of the word) is better when done. But this is not a necessity because it also adjusts to the overall title to keep it nice to read and invite clicks. Do not just because you want more SEO-friendly, the title of your article even so strange and hard to read.

Reduce Use of Bold, Italic, Underline
This is also one of the old techniques that are sometimes abused. Using bold, italic and underline tags help search engines recognize important words in our articles. But in practice, many are using excessively and apply it only on the targeted keywords only. Maybe it can help a bit in terms of keyword strengthening, but in terms of user experience is very bad. Posts with excessive use of Bold, Italic and Underline can make the reader hurt and want to quickly close the web page because the writing looks unprofessional. Use Bold, Italic and Underline just fine. If it is necessary to strengthen the keyword, use the bold once. For italic it is usually used in foreign terms, while the underline for the term or note is important. You can manage the use of this feature while keeping in mind the user experience.

Use professional SEO services
If you do not have much time to write good articles on the website, you can use professional SEO services. Writology SEO writing ready to help your website to be more comfortable to read by website visitors. All types of writing at Writology so do not waste your time and increase your website sales by using professional SEO services like this right now.

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  1. User Experience - is the most needed thing on your site! Check this, improve this - and your business will grow


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