01 Maret 2018

Tips choosing electric scooters for beloved family

Bicycle activity has become a trend in big cities in recent years. In addition to strengthening the physical, the reason many people back using bicycles to reduce pollution due to fuel coming from motor exhaust. However, it can not be denied that not everyone is able to ride every day. Moreover, if the distance between a home with a campus or workplace away. Do not be discouraged, because now you can use a bicycle or electric scooters. In addition to being environmentally friendly, you can also save money because no need to go to the gas station every day. To fully charge the electric bike, you just need 6 hours and you can use your electric bicycle for a distance of 35-55 kilometers.

Check out some of the following tips before you buy an electric scooters.

Customize Needs
Currently, there are various types and brands of electric scooters sold in the market. Each type has different specifications from each other. Therefore, adjust the type of electric scooter you want with the needs or daily activities. If you travel a long distance, choose a scooter with a large battery capacity. Large battery capacity makes you free to move on the road without fear that the bike runs out of fuel.

Weight and Design
In addition to battery capacity, please note the weight and design of the electric bike you want. If possible, buy a lightweight electric scooter with a simple design. Your weight and the bike will affect the electrical energy required. If the weight is getting lighter, then the energy needed is less.

The right price
The selling price of electric scooters is tailored to the type and brand. The easiest, customize the type of bike with the budget you have. Before deciding to buy, you should check the price of electric scooters on reliable online trading sites. This process is important so you do not get fooled into buying a standard electric scooter with a high price.

Adequate Service
Lastly, make sure the electric scooter brand to be purchased has good after sales service. If possible, select a bicycle brand that has a workshop near from your home. This makes it easier if there is damage or there are components that must be replaced.

So now you do not have to worry if you feel tired on the trip by bicycle because the electric bike can drive you to the destination. In addition to making the body healthy electric bike is also environmentally friendly because it does not use fuel. So many benefits of electric bikes and now it's time to choose electric scooters for beloved family.

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