13 Januari 2018

How to keep your feet healthy

We never know what will happen in our lives. Therefore we must stay healthy in order to work anywhere and anytime. Skin is part of our body that must be treated because this part of the body is most often in contact with the environment. In the world of work appearances are aspects that are noticed by the company. Legs are part of the body that we must pay attention because it is often used for activities. The most common problem in the legs is skin peeling or commonly called cracked feet. This is easy way to keep your feet healthy / cara mengobati kaki pecah pecah.

Caring for foot health is actually easy, there are many natural ways that we can use and get it easy because it is already around us. But we should first know the cause of cracked feet.

Cracked feet is a common problem that can damage confidence and can even be very painful. Medically, the cracked feet is also known as the heel crevice due to calluses. This will affect the skin surface consisting of the epidermis, and can sometimes penetrate deep into the dermis and cause pain. Not only because of the above reasons, cracked feet can also be due to the lack of vitamins, minerals (zinc and iron), and omega 3.

Dry skin or xerosis is also one of the most common causes of cracked feet. Most of these conditions arise due to lack of foot care, and can actually be overcome or avoided. Although generally not harmful, but deep cracks can cause bleeding skin and painful taste. Even this can lead to infection, and should be avoided, especially for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, decreased immune system, age, or other diseases that may inhibit healing of cracked feet.

Lemon is one of the most popular ingredients for home remedy, it was able to get rid of dead skin cells on the skin. Salt may also prevent outbreaks on cuts or skin of the foot that broke.

Honey has a lot of goodness and can serve as a moisturizer on the heel of the foot. Meanwhile, coarse texture rather than rice flour also helps remove fractures and dry skin.

Garlic and onions contain an antibacterial component that may also help repair skin cells. Cut the onion/garlic into 2 parts. Brush your broken foot heels, do it every day untill you see the result.

And don't forget use Vaseline every day to make sure your skin protected and look fresh.

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