27 Januari 2018

How to bathe the newborn baby

Bathing a newborn baby is a valuable experience for both baby parents. The experience can bring you closer to the baby. However, newborns are still very sensitive. So, naturally if you feel nervous about having to bathe your baby. Especially if this is the first time you have to bathe a newborn baby. No need to worry, by following the following guidelines, bathing your baby will be a beautiful and so anticipated moment. This is how to bathe the newborn baby.

Newborns do not really need to bathe too often. As long as you change your baby's diaper, you also cleanse the body. If bathing too often, baby skin can be dry. Usually bathing a newborn three to four times a week or two days is enough.

Avoid bathing the baby after drinking milk. Taking a bath after the stomach is filled can make your baby feel uncomfortable. In addition, if he feels his stomach is depressed, your baby may vomit up. We recommend choosing a free time for yourself. That way, you can focus on the baby and will not be in a hurry.

You can bathe the baby in the morning when your baby's mood is good and he is not so sleepy. Bathing the baby in the afternoon also does not matter. The important thing is you keep him from getting cold.

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